Nintendo Can Rise Again!

Nintendo, one of the most important and well respects gaming companies in the world, depending on who you talk to, is in a very confusing state when it comes to its future right now. The company has already announced two upcoming consoles, the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS XL for release in the near future. Now while any announcement for a new product, especially a new gaming console, is always exciting, is it really generating enough talk and exciting to finally put Nintendo back where it belongs, on top of the gaming industry. Now is the perfect time for Nintendo to announce and talk about its future projects and releases to generate some excitement as Microsoft and Sony haven’t really been doing anything but a little minor updates and features to its current consoles.

Now why should you be excited for Nintendo this year, well the Wii U alone is  set to feature a  robust and redefined online service that will be cross compatible with the DS and 3DS, completely updated graphics, and a strong third party support. On the handheld side, the newly announced 3DS XL has the potential to be the one and only true handheld console in the market. Nintendo just needs to take advantage of the speculation that is surrounding them, and most importantly, listen to all of its fans.

Like many others, I abandoned Nintendo this generation and decided to get a Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and while I did purchase a Nintendo DS, I rarely used it after I satisfied my Pokemon craving. Nintendo has the chance to get many gamers in my position back to its side by announcing must have titles (cough cough, a new The Legend of Zelda and Super Smash Bros soon) and recapture the day where gamers where proud to say they where Nintendo fans and waste hours and hours playing their system. Now I am sure that Nintendo will still continue to release gimmicky titles and retain a strong family oriented experience, I have no problem with that, all I ask is for Nintendo to revive and focus on its main audience once again.

With more and more news being updated, all I can say for you Nintendo fans out there is…

Are You Ready For It ?

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The Nintendo 3DS Evolves, Sort Of…

The Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda series will launch another critically acclaimed game, Nintendo will do or say something that is instantly tagged by the gaming industry as gimmicky and not appealing to the hardcore audience and another reiteration of previous Pokemon made is remade. So what do all things listed all have in common, well they are all things we have known to expect and see from Nintendo, which leads me to my next topic. Nintendo, since the announcement of the Wii U, has been on questionable ground in terms of its console gaming appeal, but if there is a market where Nintendo shows no fear of and conquers all in its way, that would have to be in the  handheld gaming department. While the successor to the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS, didn’t a greater launch than its predecessor, it has definitely began to gain some ground and is beginning  to see more units sell. When Nintendo announced that it was working on Monster Hunter game for their handheld system, wide spread rumors began circulating around the internet that an additional circle pad peripheral was due for release some time soon. After a couple of days of wide spread rumors and theories from credible website and sources, not only were the rumors confirmed to be true, but the second circle pad was also announced to be compatible with two highly anticipated 3DS titles that would be launching soon, Resident Evil: Revelations and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

As the first screen shots of the new add on peripheral began to pop up on numerous gaming websites, the initial response was mostly negative. The negativity surrounding the 3D’s second circle pad ranged from a variety of aspects, to its awkward looking design, rumored price range, and questionable efficiency. When Nintendo finally released the added peripheral to the market, it was shipped with a $20 dollar price tag or the option to be bundled along with a purchase of Resident Evil: Revelations or Kid Icarus: Uprising. Upon release, consumers negative reactions where either turned positive or led to a blank and uninterested opinion for the product. Although Nintendo had made a minor error not releasing the 3DS with the second circle pad already in tact,  eventually all was forgiven, and surely an updated 3DS model was due for release sometime in the near future.

On the June 26, the much expected Nintendo 3DS XL was announced. Sporting a larger and more crisp display, in comparison to the 3D’s 3.53 inch top screen to the 3D’s XL 4.18 inch, larger and more refined home buttons, and much needed longer battery life, the 3DS XL seems to be a moderate improvement and step up to the current 3DS handheld. Now surely Nintendo has learned from their past mistake and decided to included the 3DS XL with a second circle pad already attached to the system.

C’mon, the second circle pad is begging to be inserted

During these hard time in which mobile and social gaming is surpassing dedicated gaming consoles, Nintendo can’t afford to lose support and momentum. Flagship franchises like Super Mario can only go so far and sell so many units until. While the system is not scheduled to be released until August and may go through a hardware change, Nintendo has surely got some fan feedback it should consider listening to. A smart move to make at this point, would have to be an announcement of the rumored Majora’s Mask remake or more details of the upcoming Super Smash Bros 3D as soon as possible to keep from losing further interest.

Update: According to a recent article on Gameinformer, Nintendo has announced that they are releasing a circle pad pro accessory for the 3DS XL .

Why Nintendo, why ?

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Deadmau5 Challenges Skrillix to a PvP Diablo 3 Match

Ok not really, but as I was scrolling through my typical assortment of websites I check on a daily basis, I stumbled on this little Twitter feud between the two highly popular DJ’s Skrillex and Deadmau5. While I don’t consider myself a fan of either of these two “musicians” work, I was drawn to this argument by key fact that the video game Diablo 3 was brought up later in the argument. As many Diablo fans, including myself, know the highly difficult Inferno mode has a strong tendency to bring out the most evil and ill tempered person the lies within us, and that does not exclude world famous DJ’s.


Warning Skrillex Vs Deadmau5 Fight Below:

Scroll down at your own risk

I warned you, that was a pretty intense battle and I have to agree with Deadmau5’s last tweet, Inferno does mess with your head.

Much thanks to the guys at for bringing this to my attention.

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Nostalgic Sounds And Beats

It was on a long car ride to Huntington Beach when we decided to tune into Pandora and listen to the chip-tune station. After a few Scott Pilgrim and Megaman tunes, we stumbled upon a song titled “Light Speed Disco” from an artist named Sabrepulse. What I heard was one part electronic dance, one part nostalgia, and all parts awesome.

Sabrepulse, real name Ashley Charles, is a DJ hailing from the United Kingdom who specializes in the video game influenced genre Chiptune. What made Sabrepulse’s music stand out for me was the well crafted mixing of 8-bit sounds I loved from the glorious Super Nintendo days with trance, dubstep, and other arrangements of electronic sounds. Sabreoulse is a definite must if you are into electronic music, or just love being reminded of the glorious Super Nintendo day. Go check out Sabrepulse’s work and tour schedules on his website and blogspot page that is linked below, most of his music is free.

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Pay To Play, The Wrong Way

Warning: The post below is written in the perspective of a Xbox 360 owner

Now I know I may be vary late to the argument here, but yesterday a friend of mine brought out the fact that he was playing the game Batman: Arkham City and he asked the question “If I had bought the game used then I wouldn’t be able to play the Catwomen section of the game? For those who don’t know, the answer is yes, you can’t play as Catwomen without a brand new code. Now I understand that game developers are losing a significant amount of money to the used game market, after all they do not see a dime or a cent go to them when a used game transaction takes place. When a developer is not getting any money from used games, then they are tasked with the tough job of fighting back against the used market. It has now become the norm on implementing a one time usable code in order to play the online sections of multiplayer games, take Battlefield 3 and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for instance. While I am not personally offended with online passes for multiplayer games, I am against the passes for single player games. For example It is extremely common to buy a single player only game, like Batman: Arkham City, and share it among my close group of friends. If I borrow a single player game from a friend that requires a code to play a portion of the game, not only am I missing a significant amount of gameplay, but it also leaves me with option in doing the infamous Xbox 360 License transfer glitch. Now I have been told that if I really do support the game, then why not just borrow the game and pay the extra couple of dollars to for the full experience, after all it is like you’re paying to rent the game. The problem is that the now I have to go but $20 worth of Microsoft points to purchase a $10 add on, which shouldn’t be required to pay for in the first place. The $20 dollars I used to buy the points could have  been saved and gone towards a new purchase of another game I wanted. Regardless if the game has an online pass or not, if it’s a single player only game, I’m just going to continue my usual practice and wait for the release of the Game Of The Year Edition like I did for Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

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Wii Might Have A Winner!

Nintendo, the company that made my childhoods best and well remembered games. From my die hard addiction to Pokemon, to spending countless days playing The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask, Nintendo was my go to company for all things gaming, sadly, that would not be that case in the future. In the year 2005, Nintendo unveiled the Wii, their successor to Gamecube. The Wii was supposed to change the way we play video games forever, allowing a brand new feel of immersion with its motion sensor control. My immediate reaction to the new console was nothing but pure excitement, but deep down I had a gut feeling that Nintendo was gambling with it’s new control scheme that, I hate to say, felt like a gimmick. Skip to 2012 and it pains me to say that my gut feeling was right, I was not a fan of the Wii whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, the Wii was a massive success in terms of sale, but with no more than a dozen games I can think of that I though were great, subpar graphics, a horribly implemented online system, and a severe lack of third party support , it did not win the heart of this long time Nintendo fan.

First thing that came into my head, Nintend-Nooooooo

Last year during a E3 press conference, Nintendo unveiled their successor to the Wii, the Wii U. Not only did Nintendo decide to keep the motion sensitive controller, it doubled down and decided to add a tablet for good measure.
After watching the video shown above, I was left with a feeling of disappointment. The controller looked uncomfortable, the tablet seemed unnecessary, and the system felt more like an upgraded peripheral. It had seemed like Nintendo was never going to be that company I once loved. This year I had the amazing opportunity attend E3, and one of my first tasks was to get a hands on demo of the Wii U.  Upon arriving to the Nintendo booth, I waited in line to play a demo of Ninja Gaiden 3. When I got the chance to play the game, I’t had seem like all my previous worries were all lifted. To my surprise the controller was comfortable and fit nicely in my hands. The feature that most surprised me was that fact that the tablet actually worked well and did what it was intended to do, enhance the experience. Through’t the booth I got the chance to play other great games like the hilariously titled ZombieU, Batman Arkham City, and, my personal favorite, Pikman 3. The Wii U promises better online support, a better social and multimedia experience, and a bigger and better online support. One important key factor they have also upgraded where the outdated graphics, while not truly next generation, it was now on level, and maybe even slightly better, than the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Nintendo, the company I loved, then forgot about, seems to be taking a gamble once again, but this time, the gamble seems to be going in their favor for me personally.

Don’t think for a minute that I am making my decision now, there is only one way to decided how the console and it’s promises will live up to the gaming market, and that is when it officially launched. Let’s hope there is a brand new Zelda game soon.

I will keep updating about the Wii U often, so check back soon.

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The Journey Begins…

Summer; I am officially in love with you. While there has been some hardships along the way leading up to you, It was all worth it when I got to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 for short.  The experience of attending the convention was both unbelievable and amazing to say the least. Through’t the 3 day of E3 I was in full fanboy mode. I got to play my favorite upcoming games, meet some awesome people, and even get into some press only screenings. One of my highlights of E3, besides getting an invitation to get into Club Nokia for free, was meeting some guys from Machinima. For those who don’t know, Machinima is an online gaming channel that host and creates some of my favorite online series. I have been a Machinima follower since 2008, when I was introduced to a web series titled Arby ‘n’ the Chief. I am terribly sorry for all this Machinima fanboyism but they were the company that really showed me that video games can be a productive and entertaining outlet.

A couple of days ago me and some friends attended the Anime-Con expo in Anaheim, and while it was not the biggest of the cons, It was still a worthwhile experience. The point of this post is for me to describe that I couldn’t be happier with where life it taking me and with Pax Prime, Comic-Con, Comikaze,  and the Anime-Expo coming up this year, I have a lot to look forward to. If I can chase my level 100 dreams, then you can too.
Hopefully by the end of the summer I will finally own my own HD PVR so I can record my own gameplay commentary because I always find my self scrolling though the Youtubez, checking out some gameplay commentators and seeing what they have to offer. While there are some really good players out there, most of the time I find myself thinking, I can do this a little bit better. Battlefield 3 is the game in particular that I view the most and want to commentate about. Call it luck, but every match I find myself joining ends up being the winning team. If you don’t believe then feel free to add me on Xbox Live, Gamertag: Tk8Puppy


An article I wrote for my schools paper. Keep in mind I have to noob it down for a mostly none gamer audience

Find my favorite web series Arby ‘n’ the Chief and more on Machinima’s Youtube Channel

First Episode of Arby ‘n’ the Chief. It is old but it still makes me lawlz


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